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Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning

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The team at Blue Sea Film Festival and Finncon

This week Timo and Samuli will be at Blue Sea Film Festival in Rauma, where they will be showing In the Pirkinning on Thursday (17.8.).

During the weekend we'll be at Finncon 2006, where we will be revealing the writer for Iron Sky on Sunday (20.8.). When the metaphorical rabbit is out of the hat we'll be talking about the movie and scriptwriting in general. We're excited, hopefully you will be too after the talk...

Finncon is Finland's national science fiction conventtion, organised together with Animecon, which you might guess in the anime equalent. Last Finncon/Animecon in 2004 gathered some 500 visitors, making it one of the largest science fiction conventiones in europe. It doesn't hurt that it is also one of the rare completely free conventions in the world.

As usual this year's Finncon will be full of interesting programming. So if you are anywhere near Finland we suggest you head to Helsinki and come see our Iron Sky talk at 5pm on Sunday.

17.8.2006 by Rigi

"An epic film about the emperor of the world in the far reaches of the galaxy."

Star Wreck is a feature-length science fiction parody made in Finland. The film took seven years to make, but in the end we had a film with amazing special effects, action and lots of dark humor.

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Star Wreck is an Energia productions film
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Star Wreck - In the Pirkinning is a parody made by fans of Star Trek® and Babylon 5®. Star Trek and Babylon 5 are trademarks of their respective owners. Star Wreck -In the Pirkinning- is an independent parody and is not endorsed by the trademark owners mentioned above.

We have great respect for all those who have worked with on the series that have inspired us to create this film. Our team consists of a few guys who all worked for free on this movie over the last 7 years. The movie was made with no commercial intentions and is available for free download over the internet. All the material seen on film was produced by the film crew and no aliens or space ships were harmed during the filming.